TSHA - Texas Speech-Language Hearing Association

    Guidelines for the TSH Foundation Research Grant

    Submission due date: December 1

    The following guidelines are provided to assist you in submitting your application. Research projects will address topics related to speech, language, cognition, swallowing, hearing and/or related areas in adult and/or pediatric populations.  The application must be in its FINAL form. Applications and should be submitted online by submitting the appropriate research grant application and must include a valid email address for correspondence.  Questions about this process should be directed to tshfresearchawards@gmail.com

    Review criteria

    Applications will be reviewed and ranked based on the quality and completeness of the proposal. For faculty, the theoretical justification, methodological rigor, innovation and potential impact on the field as well as evidence of previous research effort will be key criteria for consideration.  For students, an unofficial copy of their current transcripts and the support from their mentor, in addition to the rationale, methodology and feasibility of the project will be the key criteria. For professionals, in addition to rationale, methodology, innovation and impact, the ability of the individual to complete the work, as assessed by applicant’s experience or the inclusion of a faculty mentor will be considered in the rankings. 

    Additional Guidelines:

    Please follow the instructions on the appropriate application form for your project. Submissions must be in final form. Incomplete submissions may not be reviewed.   

    • The proposed research may be new content/data or may be a new application or extension to an existing project. The title should clearly reflect the purpose/content of the study. 
    • A disclosure statement including financial and non-financial relationship to the project should be included with the submission. 
    • Submissions (maximum length 4 pages, single spaced) must include the following sections: Purpose; Background; Method(s); Implications of Expected Results, References.  
    • All authors on the project should be listed, with the corresponding author, i.e. the author to whom all communication addressed specified if other than the applicant.  
    • Mentor letters or letters of support should at minimum address the applicant’s abilities and readiness to complete the project. 
    • Each submission will provide an anticipated research budget. 
    • Submissions will not include tables, graphs, or images. 
    • A summary of the outcomes of the research project must be submitted to the Research Chair of the TSH Foundation at the end of one year from the date of grant/award receipt. 
    • In the event that there is some disruption to the research project or research travel, and extension may be requested. Requests for extension must be submitted in writing and include an explanation for the delay and a revised research plan and anticipate d completion date, and should be submitted to the Research Awards Chair by May 15th.  

    Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be at risk for rejection. The TSH Foundation Research Awards Review Committee may also reject submissions that are deemed to have lower scientific merit, appear to violate ethical principles for treatment of research subjects, and/or exhibit significant commercial bias.